December 12-13 2018 – MITEF – Belgrade


Meet on MITEF!

Production and information technologies are more and more integrated, which requires interdisciplinary collaboration between IT experts and engineers of various professions. The resulting dynamic of this cooperation should create the potential for innovation of products, as well as of processes and ambitions of MITEF forum is to discuss possible solutions and provide networking.

Unlike many other industries, digitization in production processes in Serbia is still at an early stage of development, although today it is inevitable that factories rely on different softwares that work in real time and can spontaneously interconnect.

The transformation we are talking about is not a “change of everything” and does not mean that there will be tectonic changes or that they will be enforced as soon as possible. No, the essence of transformation is “change to better” and not “change of everything”.

For these reasons, MITEF 2018 is dedicated to linking information and machine technologies with the desire that all of us work on it and being more prepared for topics such as Internet of Things, E-mobility, Creative Industries, Artificial intelligence, Cloud storage, Machine learning, Big data concept, Education and Training, Engineering Software, Information Systems, Mathematical Tools, etc.

Asset Maintenance: a strategic issue for Serbian companies

Asset maintenance remains a strategic concern for businesses. Its purpose is to ensure the seamless operation of production tools. The aim is not only to “repair” but also to maximise equipment uptime, while ensuring satisfactory levels of safety. It generally favours the involvement of technicians before calling a production stop by scheduling required services in advance and outside of machine operating hours.
DIMO Maint’s CMMS has been specifically designed to meet the IT requirements of the maintenance activities of businesses:

  • Increasing equipment uptime
  • Providing traceability and analysis of recurring breakdowns
  • Avoiding supply shortages for critical spare parts
  • Recording work conducted
  • Producing technical figures (breakdown rates, calculating MTBFs)
  • Scheduling
  • Assisting with implementing and following certification processes

DIMO Maint will be showcased during a 30 minutes presentation session, Tuesday, December 12.
You will experience a live demo of the new generation web CMMS, DIMO Maint MX.
We will demonstrate how DIMO Maint is simple, fast to implement and  interconnected with your IT environment (ERP, MES, Supervision,…)

Highly ergonomic and with extensive functionalities, DIMO Maint meets all the needs of a maintenance department.
DIMO Maint combines the implementation speed and the user-friendliness to enhance the maintenance “best practices”.



Practical information

Name of the event:  MITEF

Event description:  Mechanical engineering and Information TEchnologies Forum

Starting date:  12/12/2018

End date:  13/12/2018

Event URL:

Location:  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia 13-15 Resavska Street 11000 Belgrade